• Components & accessories
All our piping systems are thought holistically. As a manufacturer of functional and innovative PE piping systems, we offer technical aids for the preparation and post-processing of welding areas as well as special moulded parts.

Below you can find our components and accessories

  • Fitting system

    Professionally prefabricated fittings such as bends, T-pieces, V-bends and reducers with intelligent metallic diffusion barrier.
  • Tapping valve

    New: Permeation-tight tapping valve with side outlet and integrated stainless steel tapping cutter.
  • VLUX® Adapter

    Exceptionally easy to install: VLUX® adapter for GEROfit® REX tapping valve for a permanent, permeation-tight outlet combination.
  • REX-Tape

    Tested REX aluminium tape for the subsequent permeation-tight coating of welded joints and exposed pipe surfaces.
  • Sealing tape

    Highly tear-resistant GEROfit® sealing tape for a watertight post-wrap of the stripped sweat area.
  • Fabric tape

    Scratch-resistant fabric bandage for post-wrapping of the stripped welding area. Easy handling thanks to subsequent curing and high flexibility when the pipe is bent.
  • Wire connectors

    Crimpable wire connectors in different lengths for connecting the integrated locating wire system in the welding area.
  • GEROgrip fitting parts

    The GEROgrip system provides a diverse range of fittings consisting of flange adapters, T-pieces and bends in various designs.

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