The inner protective layer guarantees long-term resistance to abrasive wear when transporting media containing solids. Available in 2-layer (GEROtec MINING I) or 3-layer (GEROtec MINING II) pipe wall construction. The economical alternative to traditional materials in industrial, plant and mining applications.


  • SDR
    7,4 | 11 | 17 | more on request
  • Dimension
    90 - 630 mm
  • Usage
    Wet solid mixtures
  • Pipe structure
    Pressure pipe according to DIN and EN standards | Multi-layer medium pressure pipe with coextruded, abrasion-resistant inner layer and smooth ends | Optionally as multi-layer medium pressure pipe with coextruded light-coloured outer layer and additive abrasion-resistant inner layer and smooth ends
  • Marking
    Medium pressure pipe with core layer in black | Optional: outer layer in silver-grey | Dimensionally integrated inner layer; colour shade light, suitable for inspection | System pipe with complete metre marking according to standard specifications (optional supplementary according to project requirements)
  • Application/­intended use
    Industrial and mining pipe for wet conveying of media with solids content | Open laying | Laying in trenches with (PE100) and without sand bedding (PE100-RC)
  • Special feature(s)
    Inner protective layer for long-term stress due to abrasive wear | light-coloured outer layer made of UV-stabilised PE100 or PE100-RC for low thermal stress on the system pipe
  • Material
    Outer layer made of PE100 or PE100-RC according to positive list of KRV e.V. (PAS 1075) | Abrasion-resistant inner layer made of thermoplastic elastomer
  • Delivery forms
    straight length of 12m | further length on request

System components

  • Weld-on flange

    The GEROtec mining weld-on flange ensures a detachable connection to other materials and a continuous abrasion-resistant inner layer.
  • Seamless bend

    Bends with large bending radii are available to reduce point abrasion forces.
  • Branch

    Segment-welded Y-pieces with abrasion-resistant inner layer for the installation of a branch on request with reduced outlet.
  • T-piece

    Segment-welded T-piece with abrasion-resistant inner layer on request with reduced outlet.


Peeler Set

The power pack for protective jacket pipes according to PAS 1075 type 3. For quick and easy removal of the protective jacket.
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Rerounding clamps

The tackler for maximum rounding force when welding with electrofusion sockets.
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Suitable Installation

  • Sand bedding

    When laying in a sand bed, the excavated material must be replaced with a sand bedding in accordance with DIN EN 805. Restrictions on the grain sizes of the bedding material must be observed.
  • Without sand bedding

    Due to the verification by an independent testing institute, the installation is possible without a sand bed. This eliminates the additional expense of replacing the excavation with a sand bedding in accordance with DIN EN 805 (transport, landfill).
  • Ploughing

    In the ploughing method, the soil is displaced by a plough blade and the pipeline is placed on the bottom of the soil.
  • Milling

    In the milling process, a pipe trench is cut into the subsoil by machine and the pipeline is laid on the bottom of the trench.

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