Technical plastic profilesIndustry solutions

We manufacture plastic profiles for various industries. Polymers are very versatile and are often the material of choice due to their excellent recyclability and low weight.

Construction industry

Customer specific profiles for a wide variety of applications such as shell construction, drywall construction, interior finishing or installation.

  • ā€ˇWindow frame profiles
  • Threshold profiles
  • Connecting/­end profiles
  • Building sealing profiles

Systems and mechanical engineering

Customised profiles manufactured to the highest quality standards are used in systems and mechanical engineering.

  • End stop dampers
  • Guiding elements


Innovations and the use of new materials play an important role for cost-effective production in the automotive industry. There is an increasing focus on reducing weight while maintaining the same technical requirements.
In order to meet the highest standards for series production in the automotive industry, there is the option of a customer audit by the supplier in accordance with VDA 6.3.

We produce the following profiles for customers in the automotive sector, among others:

  • Wheelchair ramp profiles
  • Sealing profiles
  • Cover strips


In the electronics sector, we produce magazines and packaging profiles that are required for the safe transport and storage of components for the sensor industry. These protect the sensitive components from physical damage, environmental influences and damage due to electrostatic discharge. We produce profiles with selected materials to guarantee compliance with electrostatic discharge (ESD) requirements for packaging in accordance with the DIN EN standard.

We produce the following profiles for customers in the electronics sector:

  • Magazines and packaging
  • LED casings
  • LED rails

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