• Open trench installation
Typical for the open trench method is an excavated trench, which is protected by an embankment or shoring. The pipeline laid in it must be embedded and backfilled in accordance with the requirements. The bedding of the pipeline and its backfilling are essential steps that form the basis of stability and operational safety. Gerodur pressure pipes allow trench backfilling with excavated material suitable for compaction. This conserves resources and saves time and money.

Open trench installation

Open trench installation methods

  • Gerodur laying in sand bed Computer graphics

    With sand bedding

    When laying in a sand bed, the excavated material must be replaced by a sand bedding in accordance with DIN EN 805.
    Restrictions on the grain size of the bedding material must be observed.
  • Gerodur laying without sand bed Computer graphics

    Without sand bedding

    Due to the verification by an independent testing institute, the installation is possible without sand bedding. This eliminates the additional expense of replacing the excavated material with a sand bed in accordance with DIN EN 805 (transport, landfill).

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