• Sustainability


  • Law and justice
    We comply with the law and regulations that are relevant to our business. Proper accounting is an essential part of our corporate integrity and critical to our business success. All business transactions are transparent. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, assault, child or forced labour.
  • Corruption and bribery
    We firmly reject any form of corruption. We do not offer or accept bribes. We are committed to ensuring that all our employees and agents acting on behalf of Gerodur actively prevent bribery.
  • Fair competition and antitrust law
    We act as a fair and responsible competitor in the market. We do not participate in agreements or arrangements with other companies that violate competition or antitrust law.
  • Dealing with company property
    We protect the business assets of our company, including all tangible and intangible assets. This also includes intellectual property as well as our expertise and know-how.
  • Data protection
    We protect all company information as well as information from and about our business partners and treat it confidentially. Confidential information is one of our most valuable assets. Company and business secrets must not be passed on to third parties or even made public. We use our information and communication technology appropriately and protect it.
  • Suppliers and service providers
    We ensure that our suppliers and service providers are aware of the principles of this Code of Conduct and demand compliance with them.
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