Technical plastic profilesMaterials

Every new product development is defined by a specific set of requirements, which is why we think about the choice of the right polymer for the application from the start. We assign the final product and its application to the variety of plastics and their specific properties

Selection criteria for materials:
  • Mechanical and chemical values
  • Application area (temperature, time and duration of application)
  • Haptics
  • Optics
  • Environmental factors
  • Economic aspects
  • Required processing steps

Our strength lies in finding different solutions and presenting alternatives in order to generate the greatest possible customer benefit. We can colour most plastics individually according to your requirements.

Plastics and WPC materials processed by HakaGerodur:
  • PP, PP GF, PE, PS, ABS or ASA for technical profiles
  • PMMA, PC, rigid PVC and WPC (PVC base) for profiles for interior and exterior use
  • PA 6, PA 66 GF 30, PA 6 GF 30, PA 6 GF 50, PBT, r.PET, PPO for special requirements
  • TPE and soft PVC for sealing profiles such as gaskets and sealing lips

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