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We are a leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems:
Our sustainable products for supply, drainage, industrial and environmental sectors stand for service lives of more than 100 years. With them, we promote the use of trenchless installation technologies and rehabilitation methods. Our pipes safely transport your drinking water, supply you with gas, and protect the optical fibers for digitization. We accompany the energy turnaround - whether power lines, hydrogen transport, or the use of geothermal energy.

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HydrogenPrepared for the energy source of the future

We are H2ready®

Gerodur gas pipes of the type RCprotect® as well as GEROfit® protective jacket pipes have been awarded the H2ready® test mark and thus form an important building block on the way to decarbonization and a climate-neutral future. Together with the product certification according to DVGW and DIN CERTCO, this attests to a product service life of at least 100 years and contributes to the high sustainability of supply networks.
All Gerodur gas pipe types for gas supply were additionally certified by the DBI, the Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH in Freiberg, within the scope of the "Verification of hydrogen compatibility of components of the gas distribution network" with regard to their suitability for the transport of hydrogen (especially with regard to permeation). An admixture of hydrogen to natural gas of, for example, 20% up to the transport of pure hydrogen (100%) is possible without any problems under consideration of the pressure classes known and permitted for PE pipes (SDR 11 up to 10 bar). DIN EN 1555-2 is used as the standard.
Gerodur contributes with a variety of scientific and practical developments and tests to optimize the transport of hydrogen. With these results, we already offer you product solutions to minimize the permeation rate of H2 through the PE pipe wall.


Feel free to browse our references


Feel free to browse our references

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